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You Can't Kill The Rooster
    David Sedaris is a writer, frequently published in Esquire magazine ( hands down the best magazine on the planet, except maybe for Highlights ).
    He also has several books of his essays, one of which is called Me Talk Pretty One Day.
    There is a story in the book about his brother called, You Can't Kill The Rooster, which is perhaps the single most funny character essay I have ever read. The book is worth reading for that essay alone. There is also a story in the current issue of Esquire about The Rooster getting married. While it is good, it pales next to You Can't Kill.... which draws from the entire life of The Rooster.
    There is currently a movie in the works about David and his family.

Can I Get Fries With That...?
    I've always been a late night person, even with I was a kid. Many a night my family would be fast asleep while I sat perched in front of the television, jiggling the cable box controls in a vain attempt to unscramble Cinemax ( " I think I saw a nipple! " ).
    Sometimes, while I was sitting there, my father would come out of my parents bedroom  and wander into the kitchen. He would soon return to the living room with a baloney sandwich and glass of milk.
    My father had the baloney sandwich down to an art form. A single slice of bread, mayo, a piece of baloney, folded in half. Simple but elegant.
    As he stood there eating his sandwich we would talk a little. My father traveled a lot when I was in high school and college and these little late night rap sessions were often the only time we ever really talked.
    Soon, he would finish his sandwich and head back to bed, leaving me to sit in the dark room lit only by the television's glow.
    Years later, I was watching some show with my mom, a situation comedy or something, and one of the characters said, " I always have a cigarette after sex."
    My mother then added, " That's funny, your father always gets up and makes a sandwich. "
    Another warm childhood memory shot to hell.

The Kinkajou Killing
    There is an interesting story in The Tampa Tribune about this poor little girl who had her pets stolen. Unfortunately, one of the pets bit the thieves ( children ) so now the court has ordered the pets killed to test for rabies. 
    Read the story and ask yourself, " If the father of the thieves is so distraught over the death his children are causing, why doesn't he offer to pay for the shots?"
    This story just got sadder. Read this...

The Usual Suspect
    Thinking of getting a dog? Great! I have one you can have for free. 
    Siberian Huskies are wonderful animals. Playful, full of energy, beautiful to behold. However, they can get upset when you leave them alone for too long.  
    This is compounded by the frustration they feel at their total inability to read.
    Lucky for me, I've already read the beginning of this book.

Yosemite S&M
My brother-in-law came to visit tonight with his wife and two small children. Having children in the house is always a treat because we only have 2 dogs and 4 cats so there's not nearly enough chaos.
    Cartoon Network was on TV and since I never watch cartoons anymore ( except for Larry King ) I was unfamiliar with the show they were watching.
    The show appeared to be about a bear with a pair of testicles on his head and a little head between his legs. Naturally, it reminded me of college.
    Anyway, after that we watched Sponge Bob Square Pants, who lives in Bikini Bottom with his friend Crusty Crab.... again with the college.
    Then it was on to Slappy, the 3-legged puppy with a penis for a nose and a mild case of herpes....



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