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Weasels Ate My Flesh
Actually, this should be titled "First Entry" or something similar  but who wants to read that? The entire time I was putting this log together, I had, "Weasels Ate My Flesh" as the first headline. It was the only easy thing to write on the whole page ( ...30 min's to come up with "Boo-Log." Inspiration can be a mother. ) so I'm sticking with it.
    I read a story in Newsweek about weblogs and how they are becoming so popular. Most of what I saw didn't impress me until I got to Dave does the blog. I don't want to throw Dave too much credit but after spending about 10 min's on his page I thought, "I really should be cleaning the kitchen." Then I thought, "If I there are good pages like this one out there then maybe I can be one of them."  I've often thought about doing a personal page but never have because I thought it would be a little too self-absorbed. Besides, more time in front of the computer means less time in front of the mirror.
    So, after careful reflection ( notice how smooth I tied into the mirror joke... ) I've changed my mind. Part of me needs the creative outlet and part of me just wants to see if anyone will find my log among the millions already online. Plus, it gives me a convenient excuse for working on the computer when I'm really surfing for porn.

The Goose
I got a cement goose for my birthday this year. My wife said that she had heard me comment on how cute they were several times and thought that I might want one. Funny, I comment on how cute the display at Victoria Secret's is every time we're in the mall but I have yet to get that for my birthday.
    So, now I have an 85 lb. cement goose in front of the house. They make several different kinds of geese, the cement one being the heaviest and most expensive. I guess the idea is to make it hard to steal. I mean, if you had to pick the thief out of a line-up, just pick the guy with the hernia.
    The whole point of the goose is to buy outfits for it to wear. It wasn't until I got one that I realized just how many people there are out there sewing costumes for lawn geese ( Google: "goose clothes" ). There are hundreds to choose from! My mother-in-law started us off with two ( raincoat and bikini ) but soon I will be buying Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
    Does this mean I'm gay?

Homer Speaks
I've been browsing some logs, looking for ideas and logs I might like when I came across a quote from The Simpsons that made me laugh out loud:

    Bart: Why do we need church shoes? Jesus wore sandals.
    Homer: Well, if he'd had proper arch support, maybe they might not have caught him.

    Kudo's to Words Mean Things for the quote.

The Baseball Strike
The possible baseball strike is drawing near and  more people are voicing their opinion that the players are a bunch of spoiled, greedy, millionaires.
    The players have every right to strike if they want. That's what a free economy is all about. If they ask for too much, if the owners can't afford it, they won't get to work. But they will get to work because the owners make so much money off the team that it's worth it to pay a large share back to the players. 
    Matt Leblanc ( Joey on Friends ) recently said, in response to the cast's new salaries of 1 million dollars per episode, " Anyone who can get a raise from his boss and doesn't, is an idiot."
    Right! The players ask for more money because they can. Hell, wouldn't you?
    If my boss is making $100 a week and he can't make it without me, I'm getting every penny I can from him. Believe me, he's not going to give me such a large share that he doesn't still make out. He'll fire me first or get a new business.
    The thing is, we are the bosses.
    The baseball owners are really just extremely well paid managers of our money. You can get new players, you can get new owners, but you can't get new money.
   I am so sick of people grousing about the baseball players and their salaries while continuing to pay $45 for a ticket ( to one of 80 home games in a stadium that holds 40,000 ) $4 for a hot dog, $5 for a beer, and buy products advertised during the game. Not to mention the taxes that the citizens routinely vote on themselves to build a new stadium for the millionaires to make even more millions in!
   If you really think that baseball is greedy and wrong, do something about it. Turn off the T.V., take off your Yankees cap and go watch a Little League game ( fifty-cent hotdogs last time I was there and seats behind home plate ). 
    But if you are bitching while you continue to support the sport, shut up already. You can't continue to be a cash pinata and act surprised when the players start swinging the stick.
    Remember, we can always quit the business.







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