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Tuesday 3.21.2005
Poker been berry good to me.
   The trip to New Orleans was great. So great that I decided to stay through the weekend and play some more cards. Luckily I managed to win enough to pay for my stay at The Intercontinental, where you must have a Lexus to use the valet and poker dogs who haven’t slept in two days or changed pants in three are stared at with much apprehension.
   Note: Boxer Shorts that you buy on Canal street in a shop that also sells T-shirts that say, “Overworked and Underfucked” are actually pretty damn comfortable on the ol’ bait and tackle.
   Favorite hand of the weekend: Raising the #10 seat on the turn with nothing because I noticed that he always bets the turn if you check the river. he folds, I rake a pot with nada!
   Favorite player: The old white guy in the Navy cap who knew the lyrics to every Snoop Dogg song and would recite them to me with an authentic Cajun accent.
   Favorite game: Gotta be the 10-20 hold ‘em.
   Favorite food: Turkey melt at Mcallisters
   Favorite pot: I miss read my hand in 4-8 Omaha when two 8’s are on the board ( ooops, I don’t have an 8 ), bet out and get raised.... call as I realize my mistake, then watch as the dealer flips a queen on the river to match the two in my hand.
   Favorite hat: The Blues Brothers hat I bought at Meyer the Hatter..... 110 years in business in New Orleans.

Friday, 3.25.2005
     I just finished an article in The New Yorker.
     I have an annoying compulsion to always tell people exactly where I read something that I am about to discuss. I guess it stems from my desire to always “give credit where credit is due” but I suspect it makes me sound pretentious because I am always saying, “ I just read in Wired, or I just read in Newsweek...” Of course, I’m not pretentious at all. A fucking genius, sure, but down to earth about it.
     The article I was just reading (in The New Yorker) was about a school in Cupertino, CA and a case involving a devout Christian. He’s one of those guys who drops Jesus into every conversation, much the same way that I like to drop the fact that I used to be a DJ into every conversation. (Because it’s important to me that you know, despite the fact that it’s really not important at all.)
     The media latched on to the story when the guy was forbidden to pass out some handouts to his class that focused on God in the Declaration of Independence. The media said that the school was banning the Declaration. (They managed to overlook the framed copy of the Declaration in the library and the copy in every history book in the school.)
     There can be no doubt (after reviewing the materials he was trying to distribute) that the teacher in question was pushing his own religious agenda but I also liked the way the the article pointed out the class discussions he had on Hanukkah and Ramadan. There is a point to be made that treating all religion equally in American history does a disservice to the role of religion in American history.
     Still, I found myself, once again, asking the same question: Why aren’t more members of the religious right opposed to religion in school?
     It just seems to me that the people who are the most concerned about religious instruction for their family would be the most concerned about people who they have no control over ( public school teachers ) teaching religion. You can pick your church, your pastor, your Sunday school teacher, but you can’t pick your kid’s 10th grade history teacher. Yet, these deeply religious people are bound and determined to let these very teachers influence their children’s religious education. These same people who scream at the thought of some public employee teaching sex education, are cool with the same employee’s teaching eternal salvation.
     I don’t get it.

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