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  1. Who is Booray?
  2. Why does he have a weblog?
  3. Why aren't there more questions in this FAQ?
  4. Why shouldn't I link to the home page?

Who is Booray?

    That's me, Booray Perry. My real name is Thomas Duane Perry but only my family calls me that. I got the nickname "Booray" when I was living in Florida in the mid-80's, having just moved from Louisiana. I spent 18 years as a Disc-Jockey in nightclubs and on the radio before chucking it all to get married and move back to Tampa. Currently I run my own web developing business,

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Why does he have a weblog?

    Good question, one I asked myself repeatedly before starting this thing. There are several reasons:
    First, it gives me a web site I can play around with. Being a web designer I naturally like to tinker but I can't really mess with my clients sites or my business site.
    Second, it's a creative outlet. After years of coming up with stuff to comment on everyday on the radio it's hard to stop.
    Third, just to see if anyone will read it.
    Fourth, to keep a record of what's happening in my life. One day, my children will get a kick out of it.

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Why aren't there more questions in this FAQ?

   Since this weblog is new, I haven't really gotten any questions yet. Send one in and maybe I'll add it...

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Why Shouldn't I Link To The Home Page?

   Actually, no one has asked me this yet but if you want to link to the home page so people can read the latest, that's great.
   But, if you are trying to link to a specific story that happens to be on the home page, link to the back-up issue page ( ex. www.boolog/issue-6.htm. )
    You see, the home page changes every few days so if you link to it because of a story that's on it, that story will not be there by weeks end. 
    However, I do archive every issue and they are all named issue-#.htm. ( click the Previous Issue link on the home page and you'll see what I mean. )

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